Robot bird
the Silent Flyer

The autonomous bird-like device that Flygildi is developing in co-operation with Reykjavik University and Chalmers University of Technology uses flapping flight for lift and propulsion instead of a propeller. The unique wing design allows independent real-time control of the wings for flapping, tilting the wings, moving the wings back and forth and in and out (morphing). The wings can also be folded to the body of the bird for easy transport. Later on the wing design will enable the device to hover. The device, which we call the Silent Flyer, combines the capabilities of a multi-rotor device such as a quad-copter and a fixed-wing airplane.
Small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, as they are often called, use propellers for lift and propulsion. Propellers at high rpm are inherently noisy and can be harmful. UAVs using propellers are also quite obtrusive and their operation in the sky is obvious to bystanders.
The bird-like Silent Flyer is unobtrusive since it has the appearance of a bird and it is much more silent than the devices mentioned above.

Flygildi ehf

Silent and unobtrusive

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