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Silent flyer | I think a similar thing happened with the Spanish flu
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I think a similar thing happened with the Spanish flu

I think a similar thing happened with the Spanish flu

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Over the course of your life, getting flu shots every year help build a repository of viral definitions, so to speak. I think a similar thing happened with the Spanish flu. All the old people who had years of exposure lived, because they had built up an immunity.

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SAKHNA THEATER, founded by Nurlan Asanbekov in 2002, is dedicated to reviving the Kyrgyz epics as Nomadic Theatre. The company’s first show Testament Kerez was based on an epic in which a hunter thoughtlessly slaughters a herd of wild goats and is then led to his death by the mythical Mother Goat. The Kyrgyz „dastanchi,“ or epic teller propels the narrative while the actors immersed themselves in a meditative state to connect with the ancient traditions.

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