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Silent flyer | You need to recognize that a) your audience is
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You need to recognize that a) your audience is

You need to recognize that a) your audience is

your dog deserves to die

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The final push has President Obama and Governor Romney barnstorming seven critical swing states across the country in the hunt for 270 electoral votes. The arguments:PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: The unemployment rate is falling. Manufacturing is coming back to our shores.

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Magnets attracted to metal. There seems to be no difference with human beings when it comes to reading articles. The first paragraph matters and must start with the construction of the first sentence. At this North Woods retreat, snow reliably billows onto its nearly 70 kilometers of trails due to a mysterious alchemy involving a slight rise in the land. Fans like its funky feel, stemming from a mishmash of salvaged stained glass, displays of old signs and an assortment of lodging options, including a former sauna turned cabin. The resort is also beloved for its laid back, communal vibe.

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