2013 September
Ph.D. student Marcin Przedwojewski starts working on the Silent Flyer.


Flygildi ehf, Tungata 35, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland
tel: +354 551 4981 / +354 690 4870
2013 25 - 26 January
Flygildi ehf is invited to participate in a show in the Reykjavik City Hall arranged by the Icelandic Technology Development Fund.
2013 January
Flygildi ehf hires (part time) engineering students at Reykjavik University: Arni Thorvaldsson, Emil Mar Einarsson, Hannes Runar Herbertsson, Saethor Olafur Petursson, Einar Jonsson.
2012 22 November
Flygildi ehf received a three-year grant from the Technology Development Fund:
2012 15 November
Dr. Leifur Thor Leifsson presents a speech at a conference held by the Icelandic Engineers' Society.
2012 September
Flygildi ehf is founded.
2011 May
The Silent Flyer is featured in a television programme on innovation.
The Silent Flyer project receives a grant from the Icelandic Technology Fund.
The Silent Flyer project receives its first grant from the Icelandic Technology Development Fund.
The Silent Flyer project receives a grant from the Reykjavik University Development Fund.
nr170715_04001003.jpg nr170715_04001002.jpg nr170715_04001001.jpg
2016 October
Flygildi ehf is selected for the Young Engineers' Program by Maxon motor AG.
2016 June onward
Various tests of the final prototype.
2016 May
Wind tunnel tests using flapping flight in Reykjavik University.
2016 April
Flygildi ehf participates in the "Engineers' Day" arranged by the Icelandic Society of Engineers.
2015 13 October
Flygildi ehf was selected from a number of companies to participate in the event "Rising Star" arranged by Deloitte in Iceland.
2015 May
Indoor flight of remotely controlled micro flapping wing vehicle.
2014 May
Flygildi ehf participates in a show on behalf of the Icelandic Technology Fund held in Reykjavik University.
The Icelandic Technology Development Fund
Reykjavik University
The Student Innovation Fund
2013 May
Flygildi ehf is featured in the Icelandic television programme "Landinn".
2013 March
First autonomous flight of prototype flapping wing vehicle.